Moira de la Torre’s new favorite drink

Singer Moira dela Torre jumps in on the beverage trend of 2023, where alcohol-free options for existing product lines are an emerging product segment.

For dela Torre and other consumers, it's not just about not drinking but about having a choice.

Moira dela Torre

During the Covid-19 pandemic, increasingly conscious of the value of health, consumers began making more healthy lifestyle choices, with one of these being the decrease in or abstinence from alcohol consumption.

There has been a significant rise in demand for low- to no-alcohol products, as alcohol-free drinks allow consumers to maintain healthy lifestyles, even as social gatherings have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Non-alcoholic drinks provide a sober alternative to liquor without sacrificing the social experience, as people who are not drinkers search for alternatives without compromising their sobriety, as well as their health.

Now, a favorite Filipino drink, sangria, follows suit as Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., the maker of Maria Clara Sangria introduces its non-alcoholic version while welcoming dela Torre as its newest brand ambassador.

“The fruity and flavorful Maria Clara Virgin Sangria can be enjoyed chilled or over ice for any occasion, anywhere, and without hesitation,” dela Torre said.

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