Nicole Laurel Asensio releases new song ‘Kiss Me Now’

Multi-talented and multi-awarded artist Nicole Laurel Asensio has released her latest single “Kiss Me Now” on all digital platforms.

The original composition is a slow, syrupy soulful song that was written and recorded almost entirely impromptu. Mirroring its unscripted nature, the lyrics describe the urgency of finally giving in for a first kiss.

Asensio's velvet vocals glide over scales with power, range and stirring sensibilities. The instruments and backup vocal lines play within the textures of gospel and soul influences and showcase flavorful chord choices and rich deep tones — sealing the song with a kiss.


The song was produced by Gabe Dandan whom she had co-written with for her previous releases “Bawal” and “What Matters Most.”

“Initially I had planned to work on a different song. Later on, award-winning producer Shadiel Chan welcomed us into his studio and introduced me to his band,” recalled Asensio.

Dandan shared his story, “Tobi (drums) and Brad (keys) and I began jamming chords and rhythm as a soundcheck to test the levels and Nicole immediately caught the vibe and extemporaneous lyrics and melodies began to flow from her lips, together the synergy was instant and we decided to make a song out of the free-jam in no time.”

Asensio also shared, “Krina Cayabyab arranged the beautiful backup vocals performed by premiere jazz group Baihana with additional vocals from my mom Iwi Laurel and Gabe. I was stunned that this vocal section was comprised of such an all-star cast and that they were willing to join in the extemporaneous fun.”

“Michael Guevarra and Gabe recorded a synchronised guitar-sax solo from home. The track was mastered by multi-awarded recording engineer Angee Rozul and Mastered in Abbey Road UK by Alex Gordon,” she added.

Meanwhile, the music video was shot in the largest mixed media art museum in the country, Art in Island. It features endless opportunities for exploration and discovery across its 15 zones.

“I didn't feel like I was shooting a music video, I just allowed myself to freely wonder through the otherworldly experience of projections of flora, cityscapes, dreamscapes, seascapes, celestial expanses and much more. The best part as that we could stay freely from opening to closing time and experience art on a different level all while shooting,” shared Asensio.

The music video was conceptualized by Asensio and directed by Dominic Dimagmaliw.

The launch event plans for “Kiss Me Now” are also in the works and being plotted for mid-October.

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