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No need to forgive those who caused family’s exile — Marcos

President Marcos believes he does not need to forgive anybody for what happened to his family in 1986 as he never blamed anybody for his father’s ouster that led to their exile to Hawaii.

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Marcos said this as he is set to return to Hawaii before his scheduled return to the Philippines from his three-leg US trip on Nov. 20.

In an interview with reporters on Nov. 17, the President said he does not take what happened personally, so he does not need to forgive the people who caused his namesake father’s ouster.

“I don’t need to forgive them. I never blamed them for… Ganoon ang – that’s how things happen. If they truly believed what they were – hindi na…” he said.

“I think, siguro (perhaps) by now – I hope by now you have realized hindi ako namemersonal (that I don’t take things personally). They don’t need my forgiveness. If they want it, I will give it to them,” he added.

President Marcos acknowledged that the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 resulted from people fighting for their beliefs.

“If this is what they believe that they should do, then hindi lang nagpareho ‘yung aming pag-iisip o paniniwala (we just didn’t see eye to eye),” he said.

“Ipaglalaban ko yung aking paniniwala. Pinaglaban nila yung kanilang paniniwala. Eh, ganyan ang naging resulta, eh ‘di ganyan (I’ll fight for my beliefs, they fought for theirs. That’s the result, then that’s it). It’s life,” he added.

“That’s what life – well, at least my life, that’s what it’s like, that’s what it’s about,” he continued.

Former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was ousted through the peaceful EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. The Marcoses were forced to leave the country and fled to Honolulu, Hawaii, on a US military aircraft.

Three years later, the Marcos family returned to the Philippines following the patriarch’s passing in Hawaii in 1989.

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