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Romualdez marks ‘impressive’ first year as Speaker

Following his first year on the job, Speaker Martin G. Romualdez’s tenure has been characterized by excellence that has no peer up to this time, fellow officials and surveys have noted.

The swift passage of the national budget bill last year, as well as the House of Representatives’ approval of bills that are critical to the recovery of an economy that is just emerging from a disastrous pandemic, marked Romualdez’s first year in office.

Filipinos cannot help but notice his achievements as the House leader as reflected in his approval rating of 70 percent and 72 percent trust rating.

FIRST YEAR DONE. Speaker Martin Romualdez welcomes members of the House of Representatives to the second regular session of the 19th Congress last July 24 at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City. Ver Noveno

In the recent “Boses ng Bayan” performance survey, Romualdez, serving as Leyte’s first district representative, registered an impressive performance rating of 95.3 percent, ranking him as the top performer in Region 8.

The survey stated Romualdez facilitated the smooth functioning of Congress’ bigger chamber, which is composed of members from different parties and persuasions.

Competence marked his stint as presiding officer as he ensured the orderly conduct of debates, and exercised judicious judgment on points of order, his colleagues have said.

Moreover, he has cultivated constructive relationships with the President, the Senate, and various government departments, ensuring that the House’s interests are diligently advocated, they added.

“Romualdez’s contribution to the legislative process is noteworthy; his attention to detail and commitment to the role have expedited the signing and dispatching of all acts and resolutions passed by the House to the Senate. His administrative abilities have been effectively employed in managing the physical and financial aspects of the House,” the survey stated.

“Beyond these formal duties, Romualdez has demonstrated leadership as a ruling coalition member, effectively aligning the legislative agenda with the coalition’s priorities and skillfully navigating diverse political interests and factions within the House, fulfilling his role as a consensus builder,” it added.

Romualdez is also credited for his “political acumen and leadership qualities,” thus earning him the trust and support of most House members.

“His consistent efforts to engage with the public, elucidating the legislature’s work and symbolizing the nation’s democratic ideals, have further enhanced his esteem. In summation, Romualdez’s tenure illuminates the critical importance of the House Speaker’s formal and less explicit responsibilities in the efficient functioning of the legislative body,” they said.

“His adept handling of these responsibilities has significantly fostered legislative goals and the harmonious co-existence of the House’s diverse members,” lawmakers added.

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