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It’s a boy! Cop helps deliver baby inside moving police ambulance in Occ. Mindoro

Police Corporal Victor Tatad is no stranger to calls for emergency transportation assistance using the police ambulance of the Occidental Mindoro Police Provincial Office.

As the designated operator of the police ambulance with his buddy Police Staff Sgt. Darrel Troy Romero, they have already considered these emergency medical calls from civilians as part of their routine.


Police Corporal Victor Tatad transfers pregnant Emily Capino to a police ambulance after her family sought assistance for transportation to the nearest hospital in Occidental Mindoro on Nov. 18, 2023. (photo: PRO-MIMAROPA)

And the case of pregnant 18-year old Emily Capino at noon on Nov. 14 in Magsaysay town was no exception—only that the baby came out sooner than they all expected.

Fortunately, Tatad has a healthcare background that includes assisting in the delivery of a baby.

Inside the moving ambulance rushing towards the San Jose District Hospital, Tatad was able to use his experience as a nurse to deliver a healthy baby boy.

nagpapaanak 1.jpg

Police Corporal Victor Tatad is assisting Emily Capino in giving birth to a baby boy inside the police ambulance while on its way to San Jose District Hospital in Occidental Mindoro. (photo: PRO-MIMAROPA)

In a statement, Tatad said he is honored to be able to assist the mother and her newborn.

“I am happy to help Mrs. Capino in her childbirth. It is about being there when they need us the most. As police officers, our duty extends beyond law enforcement; it reaches into the very essence of community care,” said Tatad.

He narrated that they just came from a community outreach program when they received a call for transportation assistance in Sitio Bulabog in Barangay Caguray, Magsaysay town.

He said they immediately proceeded to the area and never thought that he would help deliver a baby.

Police Brig. Gen. Joel Doria lauded both Tatad and Romero for their good deed that ensured the safety of both Capino and her baby.

“This remarkable incident not only underscores the versatility of PNP officers but also highlights the invaluable role they play in moments of crisis. What they did was an exceptional act of service that proved that their commitment to serve the community goes well beyond crime prevention,” said Doria.

“Their calm and skilled intervention exemplifies the dedication and compassion woven into the fabric of the Philippine National Police,” he added.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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