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Mario Dumaual family holds wake for veteran show business reporter

THE family of Mario Dumaual has announced the wake and funeral details of the late veteran showbiz reporter.

In a Facebook post using the late patriarch's personal account, the family indicated the wake will begin today, July 6, from 2 p.m. until the afternoon of July 9 at the Loyola Memorial Chapels Commonwealth, Quezon City. The Dumauals reserved Thursday morning for relatives.

Mario Dumaual. Photo from Mario Dumaual FB page

The interment also takes place on Sunday, July 9, at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

The well-loved entertainment journalist died on Wednesday due to septic shock. He had been battling a severe fungal infection, a hospital-acquired complication while recovering from a heart attack. Dumaual was 64.

In an obituary, his family wrote, “What comforts us is he knew that we were always with him, waiting for him, and that home was wherever he felt our love. We also made it a point to let him know how loved he was by his friends in the industry and even kind strangers who have been offering prayers and help for his recovery.”

“Papa was our rock; we depended much on him. But he also nurtured us to become strong and able and to be the best version of ourselves. Beyond us, his family, we'd like to think he also left a legacy in entertainment journalism. He made us proud as Mario Dumaual, the reporter, but ultimately more so as a devoted husband, father, ang granddad.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, his home network ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN News expressed they are deeply saddened by one of their veteran reporters' passing.

“In the more than three decades that Mario was part of the ABS-CBN News team, he became a pillar of entertainment news reporting and an esteemed mentor of his colleagues,” the statement read.

“An excellent and passionate journalist, a loyal and dedicated friend, a devoted family man, Mario leaves a lasting legacy to the industry. Thank you, and farewell to our Kapamilya, Mario Dumaual,” they added.

Dumaual played a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of entertainment news, shifting its focus from talk shows and tabloids to primetime television. He has been integral to the longest-running Filipino-language newscast, “TV Patrol,” since its inception in 1987.

During the early years of “TV Patrol,” Dumaual contributed as a reporter and writer-producer for the popular segment “Star News,” initially anchored by Angelique Lazo and later by Christine Bersola.

Dumaual's journey in journalism began by writing sports stories for the campus press. After graduating from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños in 1979, he worked as a writer for the Ministry of Agriculture. He then ventured into different roles for a financing group and a shipping company.

In 1982, Dumaual was hired by the newspaper, “Times Journal” to cover the Manila International Film Festival held that year. Subsequently, he wrote entertainment columns for the broadsheet Malaya and other daily publications.

His peers acknowledged his outstanding contributions to entertainment and news reporting when he was honored with the Joe Quirino Memorial Award at the 5th Entertainment Editors' Choice or EDDYS Awards presented by the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors in 2022.

Furthermore, in January, Dumaual received his own star on the Eastwood Walk of Fame, joining the ranks of the many personalities he had reported on throughout his career.

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