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Seventeen’s Mingyu recovers with ‘surprising speed’ from lower back pain

K-pop idol group Seventeen member Mingyu has resumed his activities after suffering from lower back pain.

Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen’s Korean agency, announced on Oct. 30 that Mingyu, 26, has recovered after visiting a hospital and getting treated.

“On Thursday, October 26, Mingyu visited the hospital due to sudden lower back pain. Following the recommendation from the medical staff, the artist took a period of rest and received necessary treatment,” it said.


Seventeen’s Mingyu (Instagram)

The agency added, “And we are pleased to inform you that he has recovered with surprising speed, and his physical condition has greatly improved.”

“As such, Mingyu will be participating in Seventeen’s activities starting today [Oct. 30]. The company will continue to prioritize the artist’s safety above all else and ensure that he participates in Seventeen’s scheduled activities always within reasonable limits, closely monitoring his health conditions,” it said.

Pledis said, “We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the fans for their care and concern toward Mingyu’s health. We will continue making sure that the artist can engage with the fans at his healthiest state moving forward.”

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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