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Zack Tabudlo, Violette Wautier’s MV for ‘Turn Back Time’ starring Bright Vachirawit released

Filipino singer Zack Tabudlo and Thai singer-actress Violette Wautier’s song “Turn Back Time” now has a music video starring Thai actor Bright Vachirawit.

The music video was shot in Thailand and directed by Prach Rojanasinwilai.


(From left) Bright Vachirawit, Zack Tabudlo and Violette Wautier (UMG Philippines)

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Scenes from the “Turn Back Time” music video (UMG Philippines)

“This is the first time that I shot a music video outside the Philippines. At first, I was kind of nervous because I’m doing a music video with two of the biggest actors in Thailand,” said Tabudlo.

He added, “But when we started doing the scenes, I got to know them better. It was cool because Bright is a very nice guy and easy to work with, same as Violette. The production team were all super nice and patient with me because I was doing scenes with big stars like Bright and Violette.”

Wautier admitted feeling the pressure from acting in the music video.

“It was intense to say the least. The storyline was very much real, but also depended on emotions that are so raw and painful. I really wanted to do the song justice and so the pressure of being able to carry the role that I’m playing was intense,” she said.

According to her, “I know Bright, we have crossed paths before, but I’ve never played a role with him. It was challenging in that way, but Bright is so talented and made it way easier.”

Bright thanked Tabudlo for choosing him to be part of the music video.

“I’m really happy that the team and Zack thought of me for this part in the music video because I’ve listened to many of Zack’s songs, and I’ve also had a chance to meet him before the shoot. I think he’s a really cool and extremely talented artist,” he said.

Bright and Wautier have apparently been eager to work together.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this. I’ve actually known Violette for a while now, and I’m a big fan of her music. There were many times in the past where we nearly had a chance to work together, so when Universal Music Thailand reached out about Zack and Violette’s music video, finally we got to act together and I’m really happy. This is another piece of work where I can’t wait to see the finished version because the vibe on set was really good. I think the final piece will turn out great,” said Bright.

The “Turn Back Time” music video shows both the good times and the bad of a relationship.

“My character is a writer who is not very successful at the beginning and is quite shy, but very determined to succeed. Until I meet Violette’s character, where I start growing and becoming more successful. But with that success, we started to grow apart. We both start to mature, get more confident, but end up having to lose the relationship,” explained Bright.

He added, “When you’re working with someone talented, it helps you a lot. My first scenes in the morning were with Violette who is such a talented artist and actress, and Zack feels like a little brother to me. I felt assured that the day was going to run smoothly. I’m glad to have worked with them both.”

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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